Public Meetings

Three virtual public meetings will be conducted at key points during the Monterey Regional CUS. As meeting dates are determined, information and meeting materials will be posted on this website. As the project progresses, links to materials from completed meetings will be provided for easy access and follow-up review. All project materials will be available through this website for the duration of the project.

Virtual Open House #1: Project Initiation

Available online

The first virtual open house focuses on the purpose and function of the CUS, provides information on opportunities for public participation, and solicits public input on potential compatibility issues. The virtual open house includes a fact sheet that provides an overview of the project, and informational boards that provide information on the project process, the military installations in your community, and information about your community that sets the stage for the CUS.

Visit the virtual open house to take a questionnaire about your perceptions of the military installations and existing or potential compatibility issues you would like to see addressed in the study.

Learn more about the virtual open house and read about the comments received through June 2022.

Public Meeting #2: Interim Findings and Preliminary Recommendations

June 29, 2022

The focus of the second public meeting will be to present the compatibility issues that have so far been identified in the project Study Area and to provide community members an opportunity to give input on these compatibility issues and recommended timeframes for addressing them. This input will be gathered through an interactive exercise during which participants will rank the importance of the compatibility issues.

Public Meeting #3: Final Recommendations

October 2022

The purpose of the third public meeting will be to present the draft CUS documents and recommendations to attendees for public review and comment. The public in attendance will be encouraged to provide feedback during the meeting, through the project website, or by contacting the CUS Project Team.
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